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Donate to the Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Cultural Studies!

NSU needs your support more than ever before. We ask that you remember our department with a direct gift. You can do this by visiting http://www.northwesternstatealumni.com/donations/program-funds/ and specifying that your funds go to the Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Cultural Studies.

Gifts to our department are used for projects not covered by our regular budget. Examples include student scholarships, technology for educational use, department-sponsored events, student field trips and community service projects, honorariums for guest speakers, new student recruiting materials, student club support, department dues for professional organizations, cards and gifts for sick or retiring faculty, and other miscellaneous expenses not covered by the department budget.

There are other needs that we would like to fill, but cannot due to our current Foundation funding level. These include emergency funds to support students and faculty in sudden need, extra copies of textbooks on library reserve for students who cannot afford them, and offering more extensive community programs for children and adults.